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Funny Video our friend made

This is a great video our friend Chris made with his coworkers..they are BLM fire fighters. Don't worry they where off duty when they made the video.


Dino Tracks

Jeep & Dino's

DINOSAUR TRACKS....While we where Jeepin' a few weeks ago we meet this guy that told us where some Dino tracks where that not many people know about so we had to check it out and sure enough they where there..AWESOME. Jarrett loves them because he thinks he is part Dino.

Hunter's 3rd Grade Store

Hunter had his 3rd Grade Store Last week. They where learning about the In's and outs of opening a store and how to advertise and how to handle money$$$.
He want to do a Halloween store, it turned out really cute and he ended up makeing $380.00 (School Money)
Here are a few Pic's

Halloween Pic's


Halloween is one of best times of the year! LOVE IT!
We had a very busy and fun Halloween Day. The boys had a school Halloween carnival, then we had a huge Halloween lunch at our house for everyone then we headed off to go trick or treating with our friends over in Santa Clara. The boys had a blast running from house to house. We went to the greatest neighborhood, everyone had their houses decorated to the hilt and it was like a huge block party. We will be going back there next year for sure.
Hunter was a GIRL aka LADY GAGA with his friends Tallon & Taylor. He looked so darn cute. A few people thought he really was a girl dressed up like a punk rocker. HE didn't really appreciate that..lol
Hayes was GENE SIMMONS from KISS...Love it! He looked so good and he loved the make up.
Jarrett was a COWBOY..and boy O boy did he ever look so darn handsome. He loves where his Chaps, boots spurs and Hat.

Punkin' Pic's

Punkin' Cravin'

Who doesn't love scooping out all that goop out of the pumpkins??
The boys think that is the greatest part of carving the punkin's. They love to pretend to eat it, putting it on their heads and wherever else.
Their punkin's turned out great this year. We had a little help from Grandma and Shara.
I think the adults have more fun than the kids do.

October Camping

Here in St. George the best time of year to camp is in OCTOBER we think. The temps are finally in the 70's and we try and go as many time as we can...3 weekends out of 4 is great!
So we load up the camp trailer, the dirt bikes, Friends and Family and off we go.
We had great time each weekend. Hunter got a new BB Gun and he learned how to hunt birds, Hayes was also perfecting his shooting with his BB Gun and Sling Shot skills and Jarrett's goal was to get a dirty as he could and he succeeded out any problems, and do exactly what the two older boys were doing.
Here are a few pictures of all the trips combined.

Truck Race

This is a late post...O WELL.
If anything NASCAR is happening in Vegas we are there. This time it was the Craftsman Truck Series Race...GO #4 truck RICKY CARMICHAEL!! Anyway..we spent the weekend down there with our wild & crazy friends and had a total blast as always.
After the race we headed down to Fremont street to hangout with all the crazy people..it's always totally entertaining down there. Plus we had to find our friend Chris someone to have another dance off with...we did find someone but the wild thing was is that the guy was at least in his 70's..gotta love it!

Can't wait until the next NASCAR event!!!

Halloween Party

Our friends Mikie and Cheri had a spooktacular Halloween Bash!!! A night that will go down in Halloween History.
We LOVE to get dressed up, there is just something about putting on your costume and transforming yourself into something or someone else that is so EXCITING! WE LOVE IT!
Before the Party a few of us decided that since we where looking so HOT that we should go get something to eat before we headed to the party. We went to PLAYER'S SPORTS GRILL and Boy O Boy..It was a BLAST! Then off to the Party we went....
Here a few pic's

Thanks Mikie & Cheri for a great time..Can't wait till next year!!!
P.S. YES! That really is James and I...LOL

Fremont Street Videos

First off I just have to apologize for the poor video quality. It's all my fault :(. I was trying to use James' new fancy cell phone and didn't realize that I was turning it the wrong way..oops! Also the lighting isn't the greatest.
Anyway, while we where on Fremont street our friend Chris started dancing and before we knew it we had a huge crowd surrounding us and Chris and was having a dance off with some kid and a old lady??. When he was done he had people handing him tips...crazy fun.
If you have been to Fremont Street you know how AMAZING the light show is. Our favorite one is with one of the BEST rock band in the entire world "KISS" Not to mention my husband and Gene Simmons do have something in common...watch to see.

P.S. Tilting of your head right and left will be necessary.
I am totally ordering a new video camera so I won't have this problem again.

Labor day Weekend

We headed to Sin City with our wiLd & cRaZy friends and had a ToTaL BlAst! We did a little bit of everything from shopping, going to the Speedway to hanging out down on Fremont Street for the WOODSTOCK rock fest, until the WEE hours of night...PEACE MAN! :)
Didn't get much sleep but totally worth it. Nothin' better that being able to spend some time with my wild, crazy and totally awesome husband!

Hayes turned 7

Where does the time go? HAYES turned 7 on Sunday! He is the most AMAZING, HANDSOME, LOVING and mostly the FUNNIEST kid around. He is always cracking us up with his crazy dance moves to his funny little questions. Our house is never boring with him around.

He has so many hobbies and is a natural at all of them. He loves everything from shooting his bow to playing baseball. His one true passion would have to be his dirt bike. He loves this thing and has been an awesome little rider from the moment he got on it at 3 years old..he was trying to jump it with training wheels. He no longer has the training wheels (thank goodness).

All he wanted for his birthday was a TRAXXAS nitro gas RC monster truck (like Hunter's).
His brothers gave him a skateboard and he also got around $80.00 from family...SPOILED!

Happy Birthday Hayes! We love you!

Washington County Fair

We had a blast at the fair this year. We went every night...WEDNESDAY was $1.00 ride night, The Great Bear Show, Dancing Heads and baby contest sign ups...THURSDAY night the freestyle motoX riders where there..FRIDAY was the first judging for the baby contest... SATURDAY started early and ended super late, the parade was that morning then off to the 2nd part of the baby contest. Jarrett was 3rd place this year. He was so tired and didn't want nothing to do with it. He won last year. Then they boys wanted to watch the magician and then the was a hypnotist. James ans Shara volunteer but it didn't work on them. Then off to do the Dancing Heads for the 2nd time, this is so much fun! They put a green sheet around your neck and body then place your head on another body in a video. We had a total blast doing it. I will try and post the video if I can figure it out. If you are familiar with Jib Jab its like that but you and move your mouth and head.
Last but not least it was DERBY time. It was a great Derby and we had a terrific time with the BULLARD FAMILY, DAVE & MAL, MY MOM & SHARA and of course all the KIDS.